Monday, January 10, 2011

Four years on...

It's been nearly four years since I posted on this blog. Ain't that amazing!

I've learnt so much over the last four years that it would take me such a long blog post to update anyone who might be reading...

However, to summarise:
  • I am still a .Net developer.
  • Agile is amazingly interesting.
  • Kanban & Lean are probably the next step in Agile - although they may not be exclusive.
  • C# is still a cool language.
  • I've learnt that learning is key to being a developer. Always strive to improve yourself - never stop.
  • I still climb - English - E5 & French - 7c!
  • I have an amazing partner - although she is from the other side of the World!
  • I have a new niece who is beautiful :)
  • I continue to expand my network of climbing friends :).
  • I've started using twitter -

That's about it!